Aeration of Fluids

CFW Fans provides the blowers for aeration applications in wastewater treatment and aquaculture. We supply lateral channel blowers (sometimes called side channel blowers or ring blowers) for providing oil-free air for higher-pressure applications.

These fans are used for abalone farms, fish farms and wastewater treatment ponds. CFW's side-channel blowers are quiet, compact and can develop pressures of up to 750 mbar. CFW offers spare parts and repairs on all blowers.

About Fluid Aeration Applications

In the area of aeration, CFW's blowers are used primarily for aquaculture. Maintaining water quality is one of the most important elements of this sector, and ensuring that the oxygen content of the water is high enough is a key factor. Low oxygenation reduces feed conversion, leading to lower growth and increases in mortality.

By maximizing the contact area and time between the water and air, aeration equipment ensures that more oxygen is transferred to the water than would ordinarily be the case. A variety of mechanisms are used for this purpose. For example, aspirator aerators inject bubbles into the water.

A poor choice of blower or problems with the diffuser can result in high energy costs, increased maintenance or low dissolved oxygen. In some cases there are trade-offs. For example, coarse bubble diffusers can require more blower power to operate, while fine bubble diffusers may be more prone to fouling.

Reliability and energy efficiency are essential considerations for the design of an aeration system. The focus on energy efficiency has meant that blowers are often preferred to compressors. Lateral channel blowers can generate airflows at a higher pressure than most other fans and blowers and are thus often employed.

CFW's blowers offer pulse-free and oil-free air and a low capital cost. Lateral channel blowers can be replaced every three years at the price it would take to maintain a compressor of equivalent size.


  • Lateral Channel Blower
  • BC-HT & RB-HT Blowers

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