Power Generation

CFW Fans provides boiler air systems and evaporative cooling equipment for power plants. General ventilation and dehumidifying equipment can also be supplied.

power station

Our products include:

CFW power generation facility fans are designed to provide the correct airflow for combustion and temperature control, reliably and efficiently. Modern power generation facilities often use balanced-draught boilers where forced-draught fans supply air to the boiler and induced-draught fans exhaust the air, and a slight negative pressure is maintained while the inflow and outflow of air are kept equal.

Maintaining the proper pressure and flow characteristics of the air entering and leaving the boiler prevents contamination with flow ash and optimises boiler efficiency by minimising the amount of cold air entering the boiler. In a common arrangement, a pressure controller might control an FD fan damper using feedback from a pressure transducer to manage airflow. Alternatively, variable-speed fans can be used.

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