CFW provides ventilation solutions for applications ranging from domestic ventilation to barns, warehouses and other large industrial and agricultural buildings. CFW fans are also used in specialised applications with high airflow requirements such as cleanrooms.

Ventilation systems help to ensure that health and safety standards are met by providing sufficient airflows while keeping costs down. Apart from fans, we can also provide air distribution and diffusion equipment, accessories and spares. CFW can also provide equipment for more demanding ventilation applications required by production processes.

Many kinds of existing installations can be refitted or repaired, including marine ventilation systems. CFW does not design or manufacture refrigeration equipment, elements or compressors, but such equipment can be supplied for turnkey projects if required.

Our engineers have extensive experience in ventilation system design and air systems energy optimisation, for which we offer consulting. Consequently, our systems are designed for optimal long-term performance and efficiency.

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