CFW Fans serves most industries that require fans or blowers. We concentrate on manufacturing large industrial products. Processes and ventilation systems with demanding requirements can be accommodated with custom fans. We also provide related products and the services and experience necessary to tailor your air system.


Over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial fans have provided CFW with a wealth of knowledge, experience and design skills in the field of industrial fans. Our products are widely used in process industries, general ventilation applications and environmental applications. Solutions provided include fans, blowers and various ancillary equipment such as dampers.

We supply air movement solutions for both clean and contaminated process air and ventilation applications, servicing industries that include:

  • Power generation: Fans for boiler draught and emissions control.
  • Mining: Dust collection and ventilation.
  • Heavy industry (mineral processing, iron production, cement etc.): Fans and blowers for process-critical applications, dust control and exhaust ventilation.
  • Food processing: Pneumatic conveying, drying, air knife, dust control and ventilation.
  • Environmental industries: Aeration for wastewater treatment, dust control and fume and smoke extraction applications.

CFW has built up a reputation for excellent service over decades of supplying industrial air technology solutions. We can advise customers on the most suitable construction materials, fan type, sizing and installation parameters, and also modify existing fan designs to meet customer requirements. The company’s long involvement in industrial design across different sectors has given us a broad and detailed knowledge of the demands that various industrial environments make on air systems.

We provide many options for each fan type.

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