CFW Fans is experienced in supplying air movement solutions to the agricultural sector. We provide agricultural ventilation for a variety of facilities, ensuring a more comfortable, healthier environment for plants, animals and workers. We can also provide fans for crop aeration and evaporative cooling systems.

Healthy crops or animals are essential to farming. For cattle farmers, this means limiting heat stress as efficiently as possible. Productivity is sharply reduced in improperly ventilated environments. Dairy cows, for example, are known to produce less milk under heat stress. In the case of greenhouses, humidity control is the main reason for mechanical ventilation. Ventilation is also important for removing harmful gases and dust from animal housing. Even in large open buildings, such as those often used for feedlots, ventilation remains important. We make and install ventilation fans to keep your entire facility properly ventilated, including

  • Dairy ventilation facilities
  • Piggeries
  • Feedlots
  • Chicken hatcheries
  • Greenhouses

There is more to agricultural ventilation than simply installing a fan. The location of the unit, ancillaries, the occupancy of the building and many other factors can influence the airflow through the building.

Neglecting to consider these often leads to lower production and unforeseen expense. CFW is an experienced supplier, and our sales engineers offer a range of services so that all the bases are covered in the design of your ventilation. CFW’s fans are reliable and covered by a one-year guarantee.

CFW Fans provides the following types of commonly used agricultural fan:

  • Plate Axial Fans
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Ventilation
  • Propeller Fans

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