Since 1984, when the first pioneer began researching the techniques and merits of breeding abalone in the old harbour in Hermanus, on the Cape south coast, CFW has been actively involved in the aquaculture sector.

Initially CFW was asked to manufacture three different types of centrifugal blower which would be used to aerate and agitate the water used in abalone hatcheries and grow-out tanks. The aquaculture sector has experienced exponential growth over the last 30 years and our company has supplied blowers to all of the major abalone enterprises. Equipment includes:

  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Side channel (regenerative) blowers
  • Silencers
  • Special steel manifolds for underground installation
  • Related accessories

The equipment, especially the centrifugal blowers, is robust and dependable. CFW's service and repair division is still servicing the original blowers supplied over 20 years ago.

With electricity consumption by pumps and blowers being a major cost input, there has been a drive to optimise energy use on farms. CFW has carried out extensive studies which include assessment and recommendations relating to pipe sizing and layout, and the selection of new high efficiency blowers. On one particular farm the study identified annual savings of over 300 MWh with a payback period of under two years.

CFW's philosophy of on-going service and support is largely responsible for the company's success and standing in the industry. As the aquaculture sector expands into other species, such as tilapia, CFW continues to extend its knowledge, service and equipment to these pioneers.




 The following blower is ordinarily used in aquaculture applications:

  • Lateral Channel Blower

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