Drying Process

CFW can supply fans for drying systems from simple batch dryers to large drying rooms stacked with product that use bidirectional fans for slow drying or curing processes such as tea withering. Very fast continuous processes are used for drying paper. Whatever the drying application, CFW Fans can deliver the air movement equipment necessary to regulate temperature and humidity in the drying space.

CFW drying oven

Industrial and commercial manufacturing and processing makes use of a wide variety of drying and curing equipment. Much of this equipment makes use of air which may be heated, as in convection drying ovens. Fan sizing and selection depends on the volume of the drying space and the temperature gradient requirements.

Drying ovens are equipped with plug fans for recirculating air and usually also have exhaust fans. Plug fans are needed to provide reliable airflow, and hence even temperatures without cold spots, throughout the drying zone. This prevents drying defects such as case hardening and deformation. A single oven plug fan may be used for smaller batch dryers, while continuous drying systems may require multiple fans.

The exhaust fans are used to remove the moist air to prevent re-condensation and slow drying rates, as well as VOCs. The exhausted gases may be released into the atmosphere or moved to a scrubber.

Applications include:

  • wood seasoning and toasting in processing lumber
  • curing of paints and electronic components
  • herb, fruit and vegetable drying
  • tea withering using bidirectional fans

Fans for drying applications may be required to handle air containing corrosive gases, dusts and moisture. In these cases, CFW can provide custom solutions if necessary.

The products we supply for drying and curing include:

  • Plate Axial Fans
  • MPG Fans
  • Radial Fans
  • BC-HT & RB-HT Blowers
  • Aerofoil Fans
  • Reverse Impellers

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