Industrial Fans

With 50 years' experience supplying into a wide spectrum of industrial applications. CFW is able to offer fans suitable for many different applications, including clean air, dirty air, corrosive gasses, high temperature gasses, as well as for abrasive, particular and fibrous matter conveying.

CFW has provided many industries with the equipment necessary to supply large gas and air flows for industrial processes since 1966. The high required airflow rates needed for industrial processing can be supplied with axial fans, while centrifugal fans and blowers are used to develop higher pressures. The industrial applications of our equipment include:

  • Providing air for combustion.
  • Exhausting contaminated or hot air.
  • Ventilation.
  • Process cooling.
  • Drying products or coatings.
  • Aerating liquids or fluidisable solids such as grain.
  • Moving air to a scrubber / dust collector for air pollution control.
  • Pneumatic conveying for bulk materials.

The industries making use of our products include the food processing and manufacture sector, electrical equipment production, mining, wood processing and chemical industries. We can provide products that include:

Many accessories and options are available, depending on the fan. These include sound attenuators, mounting feet, inlet cones, flexible connectors, dampers, wire guards, fibreglass weather cowls, and variable-speed drives (VSDs). Abrasion and corrosion-resistant coatings can be applied where necessary.

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Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.