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CFW began developing fan ranges in 1966. Various axial aerofoil ranges have been designed to address specific market needs, namely efficiency, first cost, noise and ability to operate at high temperatures.

Our flagship range is the HDA Impeller which offers high efficiencies, lowest noise levels and can be used in industrial applications requiring a robust solution, as well as HVAC applications requiring a high-end solution. These impellers are available in right and left hand configurations and can therefore be combined in series for two-stage high pressure applications. This heavy duty range of aluminium impellers is cast, machined and assembled at our Cape Town factory. The range includes 13 sizes from Ø315 mm to Ø2000 mm.

  • Vane Axial Fans
    Vane Axial Fans

Vane Axial Fans offer the highest efficiency and are used in industrial and mining applications where large volumes of air are required at moderate to high pressures. They are also an excellent choice in specialised HVAC and clean room applications.

  • LDA Cased Axial
    LDA Cased Axial
  • LDP Cased Axial
    LDP Cased Axial

The LDA and LDP impellers were developed for light duty applications, such as the HVAC sector where first cost is an important consideration. The LDA impeller range with pressure die cast aluminium blades, includes six sizes from Ø400 mm to Ø1250 mm, and the LDP impeller range with glass reinforced nylon blades, includes five sizes from Ø400 mm to Ø1120 mm.

We also manufacture bi-diretional (reversible) HDR aluminium impellers in ten sizes from Ø800 mm to Ø2000 mm, for use in drying and curing kilns, as well as specialised fans for emergency high temperature smoke removal from buildings.

  • HDR Impeller
    HDR Impeller

The above impeller ranges can also be supplied in bifurcated casings, or fitted to be belt driven fans when the electric motor must be kept out of the gas stream, as well as fitted to plate mounted fans.

  • Plate Axial Fans
    Plate Axial Fans
  • Bifurcated Axial
    Bifurcated Axial

The ranges shown above are standard pre-engineered fans which can be selected using our Fan Selection Software. All impeller types have manually adjustable blade pitch angles as well as a choice of the number of blades, to optimise fan performance for a specific duty.

Upstream or downstream guide vanes can be fitted to increase the fan static pressure developed by the fans.

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CFW is an ISO9001 Quality Management System accredited company. If and when required, Quality Control Plans (QCP'S) are compiled and executed to customer specification.

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