Blower Accessories

CFW supplies dampers, inlet guide vanes, variable speed drives and a variety of other ancillary equipment for blowers.
These include:

 1. Inlet filters (disposable high efficiency)

2. Inlet filters (high efficiency disposable cartridge)

3. Inlet filter (basic economical option)

4. Filter Service Indicators

5. In-line Cyclonic Filter (high efficiency disposable cartridge)

6. Inlet Manifolds (stainless steel)

7. Inlet Manifolds (PVC)

8. Pressure Relief Valves

9. Safety Valves

10. Pressure Gauges

11. Flexible Connectors

12. Supplementary Silencers

13. Check Valves

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Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.