CRB Blowers

These direct-driven blowers are widely used in many applications where small volumes and relatively high pressures are required. The range consists of three sizes, the CRB 280 (0.55 kW), the CRB 300 (0.75 kW) and the CRB 325 (1.1 kW).

They are available with single phase or three-phase motors. The casings are constructed of mild steel sheet treated with a phosphate process and finished with a high quality baked epoxy powder coating. The standard impellers are of cast aluminium, radial-bladed and shroudless. The design is self-cleaning.

Applications include inflating of "jumping castles", flotation tables, bottle cap conveying, conveyer belt "suction" systems, ozone extraction, welding fume extraction, and fresh air supply to personnel working in tanks and ship holds.

Testing and Standards

Performance curves are based on tests done in accordance with ISO 5801, in our research and development laboratory.

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