Regenerative / Side Channel Blowers

Regenerative blowers (aka. side-channel blowers) can be utilised as either compressors or exhausters to move clean, filtered, non-corrosive, non-explosive gases. They produce a pulse-free, oil-free gas flow and are compact, quiet and easy to install.

In addition to this, regenerative blowers are relatively maintenance free. The impeller is the only moving part and does not come into contact with the housing. The blowers have no intake/ exhaust valves. These blowers offer an ideal solution for moving low volumes of air at relatively high suction or delivery pressures. Unlike positive displacement compressors and vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers 'regenerate' air through a process of centrifugal and rotational forces.

These blowers are also referred to as lateral channel blowers, side channel blowers or ring compressors.

They are an economical solution to a wide variety of applications.

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