Centrifugal Multi-stage Blowers (up to 60 kPa)

CFW manufactures multi-stage blowers for use where relatively high pressures at low airflow rates are required. The gas or air passes through two or more impellers, being channelled from one impeller's outlet to another's inlet. The impellers are radial-bladed or backward curved, depending on the application and duty required.

This type of blower has a lower capital cost andis more energy efficient than the positive displacement blowers.

Multi-stage centrifugal blowers are usually direct-driven with the benefit of a small plant footprint.

This type of blower is used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications:

  • Wastewater treatment, particularly where relatively large air volumes are required.
  • Silo and liquid aeration / agitation
  • Air knives
  • Fluidisation
  • Combustion air duties
  • Gas compression in the chemical industry
  • Printing industry

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