Backward Curved Single and Double Inlet


CFW offers a range of single and double inlet backward-curved fans. Available in light-duty and heavy-duty models, they are suitable for a wide variety of air conditioning and industrial applications. These fans can achieve a high static pressure efficiency (89%). They are suitable for clean air and light pneumatic conveying applications with a temperature capability of up to 550 °C.

This range of fans is characterised by high efficiencies, low noise levels, and low discharge velocities. It is suitable for clean air applications requiring volumes of up to 130 m³/s and pressures up to 4 kPa. The non-overloading characteristic of these fans makes them the obvious choice where system resistance may vary considerably.

Backward-curved fans are used in the following applications:

  • Light pneumatic conveying
  • Grain aeration and cooling
  • Commercial crop drying (e.g. nuts)
  • HVAC

The double inlet range (BCC DIDW) is also available in a light duty (class 1) option where the impeller, shaft and bearings remain "heavy duty" but the casing and support frame are constructed of lighter materials.

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Fan Testing Standards


Performance curves are based on tests done in accordance with ISO5801 2007 in our Research and Development Laboratory. CFW is an ISO 9001 quality management system accredited company and manufactures to CE, ANSI, and NEMA standards on request.

Aerodynamic performance

ISO 5801 Industrial fans - Performance testing using standardised airways
ISO 5802 Industrial fans - Performance testing in situ


ISO 12499 Industrial fans - Mechanical safety of fans-guarding
EN 14461 Industrial fans - Safety requirements

Mechanical vibration levels

ISO 14694 Industrial fans - Specification for balance quality and vibration levels
ISO 10816 Mechanical vibration-Evaluation of machine vibration by measurement of non-rotating parts
ISO 1940 Balance quality of rigid bodies
ISO 13348 Fans - Tolerances, methods of conversion and technical data presentation
ISO 12759   Fans - Efficiency classification for fans


ISO 3438 and ASME 9


From original enquiry, through the purchase order process, to after-sales service and backup we remain committed to customer satisfaction. Our sales engineers, by careful assessment of your needs, will ensure that the correct solution is provided. To complete the package, our site service team is available to carry out routine maintenance, repairs and on site balancing, locally and abroad.


Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.