Eezi-Vent Portable Ventilation Unit


This unit is designed for air supply and local exhaust ventilation in confined spaces. It is ideal for fume extraction applications to provide a healthy and productive work environment. Applications include welding fume exhaust, ventilating underground manholes, pipes and storage tanks, equipment and/or personnel cooling, and carpet drying.

All models are equipped with handle/s, a switch, cable and plug, and safety guards at the inlet and discharge. The unit is constructed from an efficient, high-speed tube axial fan with a robust steel casing. The casing is finished with high-visibility paint and equipped with rubber mounting feet.

These portable ventilators come in the following sizes: 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, and 450 mm, all with powerful, high-speed, single-phase 220 V motors. CFW can supply 5 m lengths of flexible hose to exhaust contaminated air or supply fresh air. The hose sections are of high-strength PVC material with eyelets to allow them to be suspended. Inlet cones to aid effective fume capture are also available. The Eezi-vent series has been ergonomically designed and safety tested to SABS IEC 60335-2-80.

  • Ventilation of confined spaces
  • Carpet drying applications
  • Welding fume exhaust
  • Underground manhole and pipe ventilation
  • Equipment cooling
  • Personnel cooling

Invest in a healthy and productive work environment!

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Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.