Fan Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing improves fan operational performance and reliability:

  • Reduced impeller vibration and noise lead to safer working environments and improved working conditions
  • The life of the fan and connected components such as ducts, electrical components and cables is extended
  • Lower stresses and wear mean less maintenance and downtime. Not only are excessive labour and material costs eliminated but fan vibration damage is also reduced

Imbalance of impellers is the most common cause of fan problems and if left unattended can result in extensive damage to assets and pose a serious threat to human safety.

Fan static balancing is relatively simple and can be done while the fan is at rest. The imbalance will be along the axis of rotation, causing the heavier part of the fan to be lower when set up with a shaft on a knife edge support. Adding weight on the opposite side corrects the problem. By contrast, dynamic balance must be tested with a rotating impeller using specialised instrumentation. Correction often requires adjustment on more than one plane.

CFW balances industrial fans according to international standards ISO1940, ISO14694 and ISO10816 as part of our manufacturing practices and range of services.