Fan Design

CFW Fans is a leading fan designer, offering custom fan design services. We can assess your requirements and design and manufacture solutions accordingly. A wide range of applications can be catered for.

We can offer:

  • The development and drawing of new fan products.
  • Evaluation, prototyping and testing.
  • Product improvement design services.
  • Design consultation services.
  • A high percentage of local content.

We have wide experience in engineering and manufacturing, so that every aspect of the system requirements and operating parameters can be taken into account in creating the fan specification. Variables considered include:

  • Trade-offs between airflow, pressure development and impeller characteristics.
  • Finite element analysis for stress analysis of impellers.
  • Factor of safety.
  • Deflection during operation.
  • Impeller safe speeds.
  • The risk of abrasion and corrosion.
  • Operating temperature and humidity.
  • Modal analyses to determine the natural frequencies of the impeller, to prevent vibration problems that can lead to equipment failure.

We carefully design fans to be easily maintainable, durable and cost-effective. The result is a product that is more cost-effective across its operating life than alternatives.

Designs are produced in 3D CAD (SolidWorks) and can thus be easily imported into customers' existing electronic drawings. Numbered and fully traceable parts can be manufactured using CNC forming, punching and bending processes. Complete drawings can be provided, and our spares manual contains clearly indicated drawing numbers. This enables us to provide faster, more effective after-sales service.

CFW can fully integrate all fans into industrial process systems and do the electrical systems and software systems for control and monitoring if required.

Note that fans designed under standard conditions will not necessarily perform according to specification in the field. Site evaluations and testing are necessary to determine what a fan will be capable of in actual operating conditions.

We offer a quality product guarantee of one year on all new products.

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