Fan Performance Testing

testing a large centrifugal fan

An essential requirement of fan engineering is guaranteeing that the fan achieves its documented aerodynamic performance characteristics. All pre-engineered fans in the CFW Fan Selection Software are tested and documented to Factory Aerodynamic Performance Testing ISO 5801 and Site Aerodynamic Testing to ISO 5802 as part of our commitment to provide a high standard of accuracy to all our clients.

Allowable tolerance grades are prescribed in ISO 13348 standard with AN3 being the standard adopted by CFW Fans. Fans constructed to AN1 and AN2 are available on special request. As part of our continual product improvement program, CFW Fans conducts rigorous fan tests in a modern laboratory. We adopt ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 fan aerodynamic performance testing standards, which govern the design of laboratory testing equipment, the instruments used, as well as the installation type being tested (i.e. outlets or inlets being either ducted or free). This ensures that airflow and pressure characteristics are well defined in the documentation.

Apart from performance testing, a variety of other tests and procedures are carried out to ensure product integrity. These include:

  • Quality control plan
  • Mechanical run tests
  • Vibration level tests to ISO 14596
  • Noise tests
  • Structural dynamic testing (including impact tests)
  • Coast down tests for VSD applications

Industrial fans often operate under high stresses in arduous conditions. Methodical engineering design and testing help to make performance and life of the fan more predictable. Testing is particularly important for the innovative custom designs we produce for clients who require durable specialised equipment.

Laboratory testing does not perfectly reflect the field performance of the fan, as it can be affected by the ductwork, fan accessories and other parts of the airflow system. To ensure that the performance of the fan will be adequate in field conditions, further testing can be performed on site, and the product or accessories can be modified if necessary.

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