Fan Repairs & Servicing

CFW repairs and maintains industrial fans of all types, at our works or on site. Our personnel are trained and dedicated to ensuring fast transport, repair and installation of fans for our customers.

Our repair and maintenance activities include:

  • 24-hour emergency fan repair and breakdown service
  • Professionally engineered fan repair solutions
  • Fan balancing and vibration analysis
  • Fan shaft and fan pulley laser alignment
  • Fan failure assessment and analysis
  • Making design improvements to extend impeller life
  • Replacing impellers, worn shafts, couplings, bearings and motors
  • Rebuilding or repair of impellers
  • Non-destructive testing, magnetic particle inspection dye penetration and ultrasonic testing
  • Providing spare impellers and rotor assemblies for critical machinery
  • Replacing/ repairing fan blades, housing, scrolls, dampers, pedestals, inlet cones, wear liners and collars
  • Repairing and replacing ancillary components such as ducting, dampers, anti-vibration mountings and fan bases
  • High pressure cleaning and shot blasting of fan equipment
  • Fan and system air performance testing