Fan Systems Optimisation

CFW Fans offers consultation for maximizing the energy efficiency and performance of fan systems. The specialist knowledge base we have acquired in the area of fan system efficiency is based on many decades of experience with air movers in production contexts. Solutions can be provided for virtually any system making use of fans, including pneumatic conveying, industrial process systems, HVAC applications and others.

Higher energy prices and stricter legislation have highlighted the importance of finding energy-saving opportunities. Many industries are looking for ways to cut costs, and optimising their air systems is a key part of this trend. In many sectors, such as wastewater treatment, drying applications, ventilation systems in mines, cement plant process fans and in the glass manufacturing industry, the fans are responsible for a large proportion of the energy requirements in those plants. A study of these fans and air systems often reveals very real opportunities for energy savings along with the related financial gains. The complexity of fan systems optimisation means that tailored solutions are often required. A systems approach, rather than focussing strictly on the fan, or mixing and matching of parts, usually yields the best results.

CFW fan research and development

Among the possibilities that exist for improving the system are:

  • Ensuring that the correct air quantity is being supplied to the process
  • Analysing the system to determine elements where the pressure drop is prohibitive or can be improved
  • Measuring the fan aerodynamic performance to determine if it matches the system requirements
  • Fan efficiency upgrades
  • Replace inefficient fan impellers with higher efficiency designs using CFW's fan retrofit technology
  • Use fan speed control to regulate air quantity at partial loads. The relationship between power use and fan speed is such that reducing fan speeds by a small amount can greatly reduce energy use. Although they incur higher capital costs, variable speed drives allow for lower speeds during low ventilation or process loads, allowing for large energy savings.
  • Install inlet guide vane control to centrifugal fans to regulate flow rate between 80 and 100% of capacity.
  • Improve process control logic
  • Improve the design and layout of the fans, ducts, dampers and system components to reduce dynamic and friction losses
  • Improve the air distribution patterns
  • Improve the maintenance program
  • Convert belt driven fans to direct drive which are more efficient and have lower maintenance costs.

CFW's engineers have practical experience with many types of air systems and can help you find ways to improve the efficiency of your system without undue sacrifices of functioning or equipment life.

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