Service Contracts

Service Contract

Customers derive value from CFW's servicing options which are aimed at reducing total cost of ownership of fan equipment. Our clients can benefit from the company's 50 years' application experience in major industries such as Steel, Cement, Mining, Shipping and Power Generation.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Long-term benefits of implementing our PMP include:

  • Improved system performance and reliability
  • Decreased plant and production downtime
  • Decreased cost of maintenance
  • Improved critical spare parts inventory management
  • Scheduled planned maintenance replaces costly breakdowns
  • Complete maintenance records and technical data packs are developed over time giving our clients superior support and fast response times

CFW Fans offers customised service agreements tailored to suit our client's needs. Our service contracts give our clients preferential access to our expertise and experience as an OEM fan company. Our field services teams together with our fully equipped testing facilities are used to maintain, repair and test industrial fans of all types.

Our typical service contracts include:

  • Fan service plan, detailing the scope of the service
  • Thorough periodic inspections and evaluations of all internal and external fan ancillaries
  • Maintenance of motors; bearings; seals; belts; pulleys; flexible collars and fan ancillaries
  • Condition monitoring of fan vibration levels and balance quality grades in accordance with ISO14694 and ISO10816 standards
  • Database of maintenance records and trending data (vibration and balancing)
  • Monitoring, analysis and provision of periodic reports to client's maintenance supervisor on the health status of fan equipment
  • Aerodynamic performance re-certification of repaired fans to ISO5801 and AMCA210