Spraybooth Exhaust

CFW manufactures and offers a range of spray booth ventilation fans. Depending on the design of the booth, these fans can be fresh air supply fans, recirculation fans or exhaust fans. They are commonly cased axial aerofoil fans or vertical roof jet fans.

Spraybooth painting
The fans used for exhausting flammable fumes are fitted with appropriate flameproof motors and non-sparking impeller tracks.

Whilst our sales engineers are able to guide end-users on the National Building Regulations related to spray booth and flammable store ventilation, we urge the industry to consult with their local fire department for a proper assessment and directives.

    Below are some of the solutions we offer:
  • Cased axial aerofoil fans
  • Plate mounted axial aerofoil fans
  • Vertical jet roof units

  • Plate Axial Fans
  • Aerofoil Fans
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel Fans

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