Seal Air Blowers

CFW Fans supplies reliable seal air blowers to the power generation industry. We have delivered a number of blowers for a national electricity provider in the past.

power generation seal air fans

Seal air blowers eliminate leakage from pressurised air systems, typically in power generation plant coal mills. Dust can enter the mill roller and cause problems where blowers are not used.

Guillotine dampers usually require seal air blowers to create a barrier of air at pressures above that of ordinary system operating pressure.

Seal air blowers are carefully constructed to prevent damage by corrosive gas while the fan is not operating. The fan has a valve to protect it and may be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials for additional protection.

Reliability is crucial. Seal air blowers usually need to operate continuously at somewhat elevated temperatures. Because the system must be dependable, a standby fan is often used to prevent downtime should the primary fan fail.

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