V Blowers

Designed for use in the textile industry where the blower is required to convey fibres and fluff. The backward curved shroudless impeller delivers low gas volumes at medium to high pressures.

This range (V400/0.75 kW, V500/2.2 kW, V600/5.5 or 7.5 kW) is available only with three-phase motors due to the relatively high starting torques required to accelerate the heavy die-cast aluminium impellers up to speed.

The casings are of mild steel sheet with a high build epoxy paint finish.

Other applications include bio-filter pressurisation, compost aeration, flotation tables, low-pressure air knives, exhaust fume extraction and pneumatic conveying.

Performance curves are based on tests done in accordance with ISO 5801 in our Research and Development Laboratory.

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Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.