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The Maxiflow™ range of fans represents the most cost-effective way to exhaust large volumes of air from industrial and agricultural buildings. Quiet and energy-efficient, they are best known as greenhouse fans, but also operate in factories, cow sheds and chicken broiler houses.

Our standard Maxiflow™ GFW model is available in sizes Ø750, Ø760, Ø1000, Ø1250, and Ø1400 mm. The fans can be supplied either with linked automatic shutters or mesh screens on both sides.

For Maxiflow greenhouse fans supplied with shutters, the shutters are closed when the fan is switched off and are kept open by a pair of over-centre weights when it is running. The fan can thereforeprovide the maximum air volume output, not needing to overcome the resistance caused by gravitational effects on the shutters. The ends of the shutters are provided with nylon weather protectors to prevent ingress of rain and light when the shutters are closed. They are easy to install with rivnuts located on all four sides for securing.

Our high-efficiency Maxiflow™ GFQ fan is the leader in its category. It is rigidly constructed with pre-galvanised sheet metal. It is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and its aluminium blades are corrosion resistant and pressed for extra strength and rigidity. It is self cleaning and has a low noise design.

This highly efficient model has a balanced centrifugal actuator to open the shutters, with corrosion-free, stainless steel rods and copper rivets. There is minimal resistance to airflow and it is vibration free. When used in conjunction with our CeLPad wet-wall systems, it provides an incredibly effective, energy efficient form of cooling.Thorough testing has been conducted in CFW’s test laboratory, ensuring component reliability and accuracy of airflow performance.


We hold components in stock which are assembled to order. Spare parts are readily available.


Please visit www.fanshop.co.za to purchase online or download our Maxiflow brochure for more information.


Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.

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