CFW supplies industrial and domestic dehumidifiers to provide a comfortable and healthy living and working environment. Our dehumidifiers are also used to regulate humidity in industrial processes such as drying. Refrigeration, desiccant and heat pump dehumidifiers are available for different environments and applications. See to buy our products online.

We offer:

  • Unit sales, including online sales
  • Repair of CFW-supplied equipment
  • Free delivery throughout South Africa
  • Custom dehumidifier design and manufacture
  • Renting of dehumidifiers
  • Used dehumidifier sales and trade-in
  • Consulting services concerning dehumidifier applications and humidity control
  • A variety of payment options

Dehumidification removes excess moisture to reduce the relative humidity (RH) of a space. High humidity levels encourage mould and bacterial growth as well as causing discomfort. Possessions and goods are at greater risk of rust and corrosion or other oxidative processes that cause damage. The ideal RH depends on the personal preferences and the materials that are present in a particular space, but people generally feel more comfortable at an RH of around 50%.

Desiccant dehumidifiers work using a material to absorb moisture from the air and are usually best used in cold areas with temperatures of below 20°C. This makes them suitable for preserving objects and foods that are stored in refrigerated areas. Refrigerant humidifiers condense moisture from the air and are better suited to hotter areas (more than 20°C).

We also offer dehumidifier rentals, spares, after-sales services and technical advice. After-sales services include dehumidifier repairs. Courtesy units can be provided if stock for replacing a component is temporarily unavailable.

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Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, CFW reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.